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Soul Session: Your Holistic Empowerment Plan

After your free consultation (form is below), let's develop a holistic empowerment plan that personally supports your mind, body, and soul. In the form, please tell me specific issues you'd like to address. For example, you may want to learn how to meditate to decrease anxiety. You may be interested in foods that improve skin health or overall well-being. You may want to develop a yoga practice that increases tone and strength. You may need help on how to let go of inner criticism. Let me know what areas you need assistance with and I'll draw on my educational background to help you: PhD in Women's Spirituality + 500 hour yoga teacher with extensive study in healing foods from the Medical Medium literature. In the Soul Session, I present your holistic empowerment plan. We'll talk about how to incorporate habits, practices, and beliefs that sustain mind, body, soul health. You will receive a report of your holistic empowerment plan for you to refer to at any time. ***If you cannot afford the original price, please reach out and we'll determine an amount that does.***


Follow Up From Initial Soul Session

If you need to discuss your progress and/or setbacks after our initial Soul Session, let's chat. I'm here to help you! Please fill out the "Contact Me" form and let me know that we are following up. Please note that the follow up is at a reduced price of $45. Looking forward to reconnecting 🙂


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