Acne ~ A Love Story

In honor of this auspicious day, 2/22, I want to tell you a story about my journey with acne.  Acne emerged in my early 20s and stayed with me in various phases until (way less so) now.  No matter what I did, the week would deliver a new friend—from blackheads to painful red bumps.  If you’ve ever struggled with pimples, you know the pain, shame, and embarrassment that comes with breakouts.  You know the anxiety and guilt that comes with picking, scabbing, and scarring.  You know about chronic low self-esteem.  You know that you feel anything but beautiful, desirable, or clean. 

Let’s rewind to 2014 when I was a youngin at 32.  I was listening to Hay House radio (this was before podcasts were a thing), and this guy named Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, was being interviewed.  Since the age of 4, he was endowed with the ability to understand the root cause of ailments and how to naturally heal them.  On the radio show, Anthony disclosed that the true cause of acne was a bacteria called “streptococcus” (strep) that lives in the liver and travels through weakened lymphatic pathways and comes through the skin resulting in pimples.  Of course, I was skeptical when I heard this and ignored his books for years, even though he would pop up periodically in various feeds (because the Universe is always trying to get your attention and bring you into alignment with what truly serves you).  Well, at 36, I stopped ignoring the messages because my skin exploded.  Around this time, I was falling deeply in love with my soul mate and the pain of feeling gross around him was unbearable.  I mean, Divine Timing, right?  I was in enough pain to finally humble myself and listen. 

Cue Janelle Cepero and Jackie Lee Gibbs.  These 2 ladies healed their acne using the Medical Medium info and became skin coaches to help others heal.  I could not believe their before/after photos and worked with each of them separately.  With their council and the Medical Medium books, I cultivated the hope and tenacity needed to completely revamp my diet and mentality.  A word on hope and tenacity—they are needed on the path of healing of what terrifies you the most.  You need the light that hope brings and a tenacious spirit to get you through the hard stuff. 

I committed to the Medical Medium lifestyle on July 7, 2019.  February 22, 2021, my skin is clearer than it ever has been, my eyes are brighter, and I’ve shed some pounds due to eating a shit ton of fruits and veggies and eliminating foods that cause sluggish digestion.  Here’s a sneak peek into my daily routine:

  • Upon waking, I drink 16 oz of room temp water w/a half of lemon.
  • Wait 15 mins – then drink 16 oz of pure celery juice.
  • I use the waiting time to meditate (the waiting part is important so the liquids have a chance to go through the body uninterrupted).
  • Drink the Liver Rescue Smoothie (after I’ve had my coffee, of course).
  • Work out.
  • Avoid the no foods which are eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, canola oil, soy. These foods feed strep; the more strep in your body, the more pimples you have (or other strep-related symptoms).
  • Take most supplements in Cleanse to Heal.
  • Gently extract v. over picking.
  • Say loving things to myself as I wash my face and look in the mirror. I’m the only one who can choose between being an asshole to myself or offering tenderness + love to my skin (she heals better with the latter).
  • Accept the love that my soul mate gives me because his love is not contingent on my skin (contrary to my ego’s belief).

Let’s be real—Have I deviated from this daily routine?  Yes.  Have I gone out to eat and inadvertently ate canola oil?  For sure.  Have I eaten corn chips with margaritas?  Fuck yes.  Have I picked my skin, especially when I’m stressed?  Absolutely.  Are these my everyday behaviors?  No.  Do I still experience breakouts because I’m human who deals with strep?  Yup.  Do I fall off the wagon and feel guilty and unworthy?  I do, my friends.  But, I get my yogi ass back up and keep moving towards the healing light, and, for the most part, my skin is clear and happy.  

When I first began my spiritual/self-help/healing journey many moons ago, I believed there would come a day when I would be fully healed, always happy, never triggered, and endlessly radiant.  Ha!  Fast forward to my late 30s and what I’ve realized is that there is no arrival date on the path of awakening and healing.  And the path isn’t solely linear.  There are seasons of feeling vibrant, centered, and attuned.  There are phases of hollow darkness, messy transitions, and dislocation.  

The key is to realize that you are a loved and loveable human throughout the dark and the light.  Both realms have their place on the journey.  The dark humbles you.  It shows you the root cause of everything: from the pimples (in my case) to the trauma that colors your patterns.  The light enlivens you.  It reminds you of your true nature: a divine spark who is here to learn and grow and serve and love.  Everything is a teacher for that mission: from pimples to soul mates to childhood wounds to friends to exes to crappy coworkers. All of it can be nutrients to grow into the loving, wise consciousness already within you.

If you’re struggling with acne, I highly recommend you look into Janelle and Jackie.  Janelle has an eBook on healing acne with Medical Medium info. Jackie is a skin mentor who understands all levels of healing acne.  Of course, you can reach out to me.  As an empowerment educator, my work involves creating personalized empowerment plans that addresses bodily concerns (like skin) and also focuses on cultivating mental and spiritual health.  I use the principles of Women’s Spirituality (I have a PhD in this field), yoga (I’m a 500-hour registered yoga teacher), and holistic health to create your plan so you can feel peaceful and glowing more frequently.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m grateful to the acne. She taught me how to take care of myself in a way I never would, had she not arrived as my teacher.

Sending love and clear skin ~ Dr. Vanessa Soriano

Published by Vanessa Soriano

Vanessa Soriano is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with a Ph.D. in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Given her educational background, she has discovered helpful (healing) info which she shares through teaching classes on spirituality, yoga, and holistic wellness. Vanessa guides you on how to integrate beliefs and practices that empower your mind, body, soul.

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